Netmens Solutions Oy on nyt osa Sofeltech Oy:ta. Lue tiedote


Sofeltech tarjoaa suomalaiselle teollisuudelle kokonaisvaltaista palvelua tuotteen suunnittelusta aina tuotteen valmistamiseen ja lopputestaukseen kustannustehokkaasti. 


Sofeltech offers the Finnish industry all from comprehensive service product design to product manufacturing and final testing, cost-effectively. 

Sofeltech takes the overall responsibility of the project as agreed with the customer and allows the customer to focus on its own core business. Comprehensive project management becomes even more crucial when the project includes a number of different stages. The product itself can be tailor-made for the customer or our idea.

Sofeltech’s own productizations are innovative solutions, delivered through Sofeltech’s partner network. Our network enables us to create the perfect product with user manual and packaging. Extensive supply can be achieved by cooperating with a number of Estonian partner companies’ professional resources and services. We believe that networking is more important than ever for Finnish companies to be able to succeed in the international markets.

Our products are both mechanics (metal sheets and machining) and electrical and electronic products, including the led lighting skills.

Our service concept includes industrial design, product design (mechanics and electronics), software development and logistics services. This creates the product or service chain, the overall value adding of our service.

As service delivery champions, we take the overall responsibility of the project management, allowing our customers to save time and money and let them focus on their core businesses.